Chimpanzee Complex

The Paradox:The Chimpanzee Complex Vol. 1 - Richard Marazano


Chimpanzee-Complex1A space module falls into the Indian Ocean. When the two survivors are rescued and identified, the authorities realize that what was once thought dead and buried is out in the open, to haunt everybody and to change history as was known to humans.

Now, Earth has to revive its long since abandoned space travels, due to lack of funds and pessimistic opinions, and try to face and understand the mystery that will change history and pose newer threats.

Helen Freeman, the woman who was supposed to be the first woman to set foot on Mars and a woman haunted by personal sorrow,frustration and an insatiable goal, must now choose between….

The love of her girl, who lives with her single mother and who, though yearns for the love of her mother ,hates her for her long departures, apathy and unkept promises.

Her lifelong dream which might set her off on a voyage which could be lethal, destructive, forced and from which there could be no return….

The Chimpanzee Complex v01

The comic has three books. The first book talks about the threat, the preparations for the arduous and daring adventure.

The second talks about the journey itself and the implications it might cause on the lives of those daring astronauts, their loved ones and on the history of the earth itself.

The third is about the voyage back or more aptly put, the probe for a way back to earth.

The principle concepts that mould this comic are two…

The Chimpanzee complex is phenomenon observed in chimpanzees used as test subjects for space flights. Being a part of an experiment, in which they have no control over and where they can just watch helplessly as they are toyed around by the whim of others, they get crazy, torn between the ability to understand the situation and the inability to control it.

The Heisenberg principle according to which, “It is impossible to determine simultaneously both the position and momentum of an electron or any other sub-atomic particle with any great degree of accuracy or certainty.”

That is to say, you cannot determine the position and the speed of a sub-atomic particle at the same time. You can get either, but not both.

Having these both at hand, the author Richard Marazano has tried to spice up the story of a mother torn between her passion and her daughter’s love. The story is good, grim and emotional. The artwork by Jean-Michel Ponzio is good. A definitely entertaining read for comic fans , especially the ones who love science fiction.


The Chimpanzee complex - A great science fiction combined with emotional drama…