Fax From Sarajevo

Fax From Sarajevo - Joe Kubert Fax from Sarajevo is supposed to be a moving tale about a family caught up in Sarajevo for about two and half years in the midst of the ongoing massacre, struggling to get out. Unfortunately, the book is not as powerful as the one liner suggests. This is by no means the problem of the story but rather the presentation.

The art by Joe Kubert is completely unfit for the dark and desperate tale. The narration is not that good either. The characters are not well drawn and they never get full form. The hero, Ervin has no flaws at all except for his growing pessimism and desperation and his family is merely subsided to encouraging dialogs addressed to Ervin.

Joe Kubert is not able to narrate a stunning tale owing to the fact that he was out of the actual area, reading descriptions rather than being there. If Ervin had written the book… now there is something to hope for.