Pirate Latitudes - Michael Crichton Allegedly found by the publishers when they were wading through his computer 'after his death'. This in itself is a thing to be wary of. At this point, the inevitable question arises. Was it really written by Michael Crichton?

If it was, was there ever an intention of publishing the work?

That we will never find out for the comfort of the publishers.

Now,coming to the story, it is the same old pirate story of an expedition and of its arduous outcomes. The story has a daring expedition, crafty fights, narrow escapes , cannibals, sea monsters, hurricanes and of course, betrayal.

But is it worth reading?

Well, only if you are either a hardcore lover of pirate stories or a Crichton fan. Otherwise, this is one story you can neglect with no harm done.

For one thing, there is nothing new. Every known or imagined scenes of piratedom is there in this book., but none of them original. They had already been done extensively in other forms. And hence, there is nothing you might miss in this book. Not even memorable characters.

If you are insistent on reading a Historical based story of Crichton, do read "The Great Train Robbery" instead.

I don't even know whether Crichton wrote this, for it is hackneyed and amateur. Also, it does not has the usual depth of research that Crichton always delivers. That again gives rise to the question, "Who REALLY wrote it?".

Is there nothing that is worthy? Oh yes, there is. I loved the cover.

Pirate Latitudes - Nothing captivating. Move along.