The Killer Volume 3: Modus Vivendi

The Killer Volume 3: Modus Vivendi - Matz;Luc Jacamon;Gael De Meyere Read the book The Killer: Modus Vivendi which is the sequel of the popular and groundbreaking series The Killer.
Though I loved the first 2 volumes of Killer, the same cannot be said for this one. It is said that sometimes things are better when they are simpler. How true!

The Killer is back from his retirement but it does him no good. He's been unwittingly caught up between a war for oil and there is no rescue at sight.He has only one choice before him. To kill or be killed.

In this series,the killer does not even sound like the killer that I loved before.He seems to have lost his edge and the story seems to have lost its charm. Though good, nowhere near the previous volumes.