The Case of the Fabulous Fake

The Case Of The Fabulous Fake - Erle Stanley Gardner One day, Perry Mason is visited by a girl who wants him as her attorney in case of any trouble there-forth. But the girl is not willing to disclose her name and agrees upon a code with which they are to communicate. The code is a measurement, 36-24-36. But, as with the other things the girl told him, this turns out to be an exaggeration and a lie. Within a couple of days, Perry Mason finds himself in the midst of blackmail, embezzlement and of course murder.

Perry has had worst clients but the girl turns out to be the worst of them all. She is a compulsive liar, whatever comes out of her is either an exaggeration or a lie; she never listens to even her own attorney's advice on the event of trouble and has the uncanny knack to override it with her naive judgement and to fall in trouble. Now Perry has to win his case with a bumbling idiot for a client and against irrefutable evidence.