The Final Cut (Judge Dredd)

The Final Cut (Judge Dredd) - Matt Smith Violent and gory, this would make a perfect B action movie. The writing, the opening of the chapters, certain scenes all read like a screenplay rather than a novel, but not in a bad way. Dredd only plays a small role in v this book despite it being advertised as a dredd adventure and the actual protagonist is Tagert, an undercover Wally squad judge who develops to be quite an interesting character by the end. The story is predictable but does not shy away from violence. In fact, the novel opens up to with a gory scene of a woman being tortured, killed and dumped into a chemical pit. The story then goes on to find out the mystery behind the death of actors and the possible involvement of a movie production company. Racy enough for a fast read between heavy handed books, this book should be entertaining enough if you don't expect too much.