Barracuda Vol 1-4

Slaves: Barracuda Vol. 1 (Barracude) - Jean Defaux

The story is okay. There are some inconsistencies but overall it's entertaining. Part 1 was maybe to my liking. As gritty as can be. They subsequent parts do not compare. The character of Fernando is very lazy writing. All three


Lead character are interesting only superficially. Maria didn't have to struggle too much to gain the upper hand. Emilio's story is a classic revenge story. Only novelty is the transsexuality involved. Raffi is your classic firebrand. His love for Maria was predictable. They should have gone in the direction of part 1. That would have been bold. I feel as if the potential of the story has been wasted. A seductress in the hands of a cruel captor, a transsexual caught in a dangerous island, the boy who sold them both to slavery. This had potential. Yet we get the love triangle, the cuckold and the classic revenge story and the power struggle for the island. I guess it fell pray for its own genre rules. Still it's good for what it is. But it could have been much more.